Getting a better deal on computers

Friday, November 19, 2004

Trying to get a computer at a fair price

This Blog is about getting better deals on computers (e.g., free PC's for pruchasing other products or filling out surveys). I am seeking minimal cost / commitment promotions rather than the hefty commitment. Also I imagine this blog as a source of trustworthy information regarding good versus bad promotional offers.

There are a lot of promotional deals where we are asked as consumers to purchase something in order to get a free gift. I tried one where I had to become a member of Columbia House DVD club to get a 50 dollar Circuit City Gift Card. It worked out but it took months to get the gift card! At least it arrived. Lately I have been looking at the free computer promotions and they are much more difficult to attain because you have to purchase many things and also apply for credit cards - not cool from my perspective.